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Our Story

It all started with boxes! Boxes? Yes, due to amplified online purchases during the 2020 pandemic, our founders, Jim and Amber Marchese, were receiving more home deliveries than usual. The result? Empty boxes everywhere! Unfortunately for Jim and Amber, their hometown did not remove those boxes quickly enough. 

The App started with the idea of removing empty boxes but quickly moved into returns.  Jim and Amber noticed it wasn’t just empty boxes. They were losing money by forgetting returns. To the Marchese’s surprise, their friends and neighbors had the same issues. The idea of door-to-door and business delivery services was just the natural progression.

But it was their interactions with gig drivers that ultimately shaped the architecture of the App. Jim and Amber concluded that while the gig job model was incredibly flexible, these drivers had little-to-no control over their business. They had no networking opportunities, no ability to set their income in advance, and no control over their customers or routes. That meant they had to waste fuel and time hovering from one hub to another, regardless of proximity. They were at the sole mercy of the day’s demand and competing drivers' availability.
To solve their box problem and disrupt the industry, Amber and Jim Marchese created Box Jeannie.

Meet Our Founders

Box Jeannie Co-founders Jim and Amber Marchese are renowned for starring in two hit reality TV series. They are also respected entrepreneurs who have successfully created and run several real estate and finance businesses. The couple has been happily married for nearly 20 years, raising two children together.

In addition to the hit reality TV series, the Marcheses have quite varied interests. Both have graduate degrees from Columbia University, while Jim has a Juris Doctorate in law.  

Jim and Amber have gained national exposure for their writing and contributions. Jim has been featured in Tech Times, Yahoo Finance/Money, Bloomberg, and as a Top 100 in Finance and Forbes. Amber has appeared on the Real, Good Morning America, and Watch What Happens Live. She has also written for    
Their numerous personal and business successes are easily found and can be attributed to their business acumen and ethics.
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