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What is Box Jeannie?

Box Jeannie, Inc. is a New Jersey-based technology company and the powerhouse behind the premier gig driving and concierge apps titled Box Jeannie

The company officially opened its doors in early 2022, but the apps have been in development for nearly two years. Box Jeannie empowers gig drivers to provide client-based needs of convenience through box recycling, returns, and door-to-door delivery

Box Jeannie is an industry disruptor that brilliantly provides drivers an opportunity to create and optimize their client base. This provides gig drivers greater control over their route, schedule, expenses, and income. The concierge and driver’s apps are available for both Android and IoS users on their respective app stores. Box Jeannie will revolutionize the concierge market for online shoppers and gig drivers. 

What Makes Box Jeannie Unique 

The  “Driver’s App” is a launching pad for motivated individuals aiming to build a business with nothing more than a will to succeed, a smartphone, and a car. The Box Jeannie model can be likened to old-school Coca-Cola routes, where hard-working drivers enjoyed ownership over their routes. Box Jeannie brings back the values of yesterday’s American dream.

Box Jeannie is not just about a “gig” and making a few dollars. It’s about creating a secure financial future. Users can sell a route to pay for college, make a down payment on a new home, pay the rent, or save up for a vacation. Every referral brings the driver closer to the status of “Gin Master.”  A Gin Master has a license to the route, which has value each time someone orders a pickup and, more importantly, when they sell the license. 

It is our dream to create Box Jeannie Millionaires!

The “Concierge App” was designed to help people and businesses save money and time. People and companies can use the App rather than wasting fuel driving, losing credits on returns, or incurring expenses associated with deliveries and recycling. 
We Let Gig Drivers Take the Wheel

Our “Driver’s App” is created with the average freelance driver in mind.  Box Jeannie empowers drivers to identify clients and create a route. The driver simply sends the referral code. Once sent, they have the right of first refusal. Anytime a client requests the service, the driver is notified. They then have a four-hour window to perform the task. The driver will also be notified of clients in the areas available, either because the original referral driver declined or because the client was not tied to another driver’s route.   

This allows the driver to accept jobs in a geographically efficient area while allowing them to optimize their route. Simply put, the driver picks jobs close to each other and completes all the returns, deliveries, and recycling when it makes the most sense from the standpoint of fuel and time.  

As a driver refers more clients, such as businesses and others they have driven for in the past, their route grows in value. The driver has more opportunities to drive and set their income based on the day's notifications. Incredibly, if the driver creates a large enough client base, they become a “Gin Master” and can sell the route in the Box Jeannie marketplace. So, when they are done driving, they have something of value and may receive up to 50% of the licensing fee if another buys the route.     

What are Box Jeannie’s Unique Features?

A few other unique features of the Box Jeannie Driver’s App include seeing tips upfront, geo-mapping, having a four-hour window to complete tasks, setting a pickup radius, and being paid upon completion of the gig. Drivers have a right to decline trips they find unsuitable, a feature unavailable across top-tier concierge apps. 

The outcome? Gig drivers can opt for the most convenient or preferable routes. They can also only accept trips that provide rightful compensation for that day while creating a nest egg for the future! We refer to our drivers as “Jeannies” because this will be a dream come true for drivers. The pickup, door-to-door deliveries, and returns are called “wishes,” playing off the genie theme. 

The “Concierge App” allows clients to leave empty boxes outside any day of the week without breaking them down. Clients can rest assured knowing they will be recycled. It also provides for returns and door-to-door delivery so customers can avoid needless running around.   
We refer to our customers as ”Masters,” playing off the genie theme and emphasizing that the App helps people and businesses master their time and money while helping the climate.

What if a freelance driver is already working with another concierge app? 

Even better. Every time a gig driver works for the other guys, they will have the opportunity to ask clients if they would like to join their Box Jeannie network. The best part of this feature is this: a driver can drop off for one of the “other guys” and accept a “wish.” In other words, they can pick up at their desired time on the way back because of the four-hour window feature. 

And, thanks to route optimization freedom, freelancers on Box Jeannie can opt for, or even specialize in, routes where they anticipate more order traffic or traffic near their homes, work, or school to increase daily earnings.

We don’t just streamline deliveries. We provide a way to create a  business with present and future value by fostering mutual, lasting connections!

Our subscription model provides unprecedented opportunity. That’s because a driver can refer the App to people or businesses with a monthly subscription. These subscriptions guarantee monthly income! For example, a driver who refers the monthly subscription option to a business will have the right of first refusal to that business's wishes. 

A driver who enrolls 20 businesses in the subscription plan, which includes 24 wishes, will have the opportunity to earn over $80,000 a year! This assumes businesses will continue using Box Jeannie for a year and that the driver will service the accounts.   

Simultaneously, these connections help local businesses engage shoppers, helping them feel more secure and connected while increasing service satisfaction and use because they know and trust their driver. 
Businesses using a subscription plan receive 12 or 24 wishes and can use any of the three services. Each wish will subtract one or two wishes from their monthly plan, depending on the complexity of the wish.

Referring Box Jeannie

Box Jeannie’s United States-based support staff will assist drivers with creating referrals by providing marketing material. Items will be available on their website, 
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