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  • Box Jeannie doubles your income while conserving your time. You can pick up or deliver items in between other jobs, school or in your spare time. Unlike other “gig Driving Apps” , own your own route by referring Box Jeannie to friends/business!
  • How is Box Jeannie Different?
    Box Jeannie allows you a 4-6 hour window to pick-up or deliver items providing flexibility so you can cut fuel costs and make extra money inbetween school, other jobs as well as in your spare time.
  • How and why would I refer someone to Box Jeannie?
    You want to refer to Box Jeannie as Driver because you will have the right of first refusal! That means you own the route and can turn Box Jeannie into your own business, unlike the other guys who put every job out to bid regardless of who referred it. Our goal is for the top 1000 drivers and referral agents to own a route and possibly own shares upon sale or public offering. Box Jeannie is a disrupter for the people, by the people, of the people.
  • What the heck is a Master?
    A Master is our client/Business who requests boxes be removed/delivered. A Master can be a person or a business.
  • What the heck is a Wish?
    A wish is the customer’s request to pick up the boxes.
  • Will I be able to change the location of pickups after I finish signing up?
    You can change your location after signing up; however Box Jeannie may not be available in all areas.
  • When doing a box pickup, who can I contact if I have any questions about a master's order?
    When conducting a box pick up you and the Jeannie can contact each other through the Box Jeannie app.
  • Is there a limit on how many people I can recruit?
    There is no limit to how many people you can look to recruit on both our driver side and consumer side. Simply offer your referral code to anyone and everyone.
  • Who requests Box pickups?
    Both regular consumers as well as business establishments that want to have their unwanted boxes disappear. Your notification will let you know the size of the pickup as well as how much you can make!
  • Does it matter which fulfillment center I bring the returned item to?
    Any returned item must be returned to the respected senders fulfillment center. If it is from amazon, it must go to an amazon fulfillment center or any retail outlet that offers amazon returns such as whole foods or rite aid. However, drivers must take a picture of the receipt received upon the item returned in order to be paid on the delivery.
  • Does it matter what order I drop off the door to door delivery item when there are multiple items on the order?
    The order you drop off the items in does not matter. However, we recommend that you plan to take the two drop off locations into consideration and decide for yourself which direction will be easiest for you when dropping off multiple items.
  • What if my master scheduled a multiple location door to door delivery but did not specify where each item’s final destination is?
    In this case, we ask that you reach out to your master through the Box Jeannie app and ask him to specify where each item needs to be dropped off at. In the case where you can’t get in contact with your master, please reach out to our Box Jeannie information team by going to our website or by emailing us at
  • Box Jeannie is a technology-driven on demand premier concierge “app” that provides the service of online return processing, recycling, and personal delivery. Box Jeannie will make your boxes vanish while granting you the wish of time and money!
  • What services does Box Jeannie provide?
    1. Box Jeannie serves you by returning unwanted items purchased on the internet and returns them to the respective redemption centers. 2. Box Jeannie saves both businesses and persons time and money by picking up from customers and/or businesses and/or delivering items to/from customers and businesses. The service provides “door to door” delivery whether you are a business or a person! 3. Box Jeanine connects drivers with customers who want to recycle boxes without the hassle of breaking down the boxes or worrying about pick-up days and/or visiting recycling centers.
  • What is a Jeannie?
    Our drivers are considered Jeannie’s who grant your wishes by making boxes disappear.
  • What is a Wish?
    A wish is any of the services that we provide! They are scheduled by a “Master” which can be a person or a business and can be granted from any location.
  • Can I have a customizable order instead of the set pricing range?
    If you need assistance with a customizable order, please send a message to customer support through the app (be as specific as possible), and we will try to help in any way that we can.
  • Can I Edit My Wish Once It's Booked?
    Wish details other than date and time cannot be edited once a wish is booked. If you need to change it, simply cancel a wish and create a new one.
  • My Wish was canceled, why was I charged?
    If you cancel a wish after it has been accepted, you may be charged a nonrefundable, one-hour cancellation fee according to our cancellation policy. If you've been charged and your wish doesn't fall under our cancellation fee policy, please contact Customer Support.
  • What's the Cancellation Policy?
    If you cancel a confirmed wish prior to acceptance, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee based on the size of the wish. We have this policy because Jeannie’s are setting aside time and turning down other work in order to help you.
  • Why Shouldn't I Exchange Contact Information With My Jeannie?
    To protect your privacy, please do not exchange contact info with your Jeannie and keep all communication on the Box Jeannie platform. We don't share info like your phone number or email address.
  • Should I be at home for my box removal or delivery?
    No need…just take a picture of where the boxes are located and leave the boxes with any directions in the app for your Jeannie! Make sure to identify and label the boxes for pickup so they are not confused with your other deliveries!
  • When I am recycling boxes do I need to break down the cardboard boxes before pickup?
    No need to break down the boxes, simply leave them in an easy to locate spot and the Jeannie will do the rest!
  • How Often can I order Pickups and is there a maximum number of boxes?
    You can order pickup as often as you like, if you anticipate using the app for a business or a large volume of boxes contact the App for special pricing or pick a subscription.
  • What happens if my boxes are not picked up during the scheduled time frame?
    Sadly, there is not always a Jeanine available for a specific time frame, we ask you to do one of two things: 1. Cancel the Order entirely in which you will not be charged for wishes that aren’t granted 2. Go into details of your scheduled wish, click on the date and time, and change it to a different time frame. In the case you change your date and time frame and a Jeannie still has not accepted your wish, please reach out to our Box Jeannie Information team on our website or email us at
  • Can I use door to door delivery to drop a person off at a location?
    We only deal with empty boxes, items that need to be returned, and any household objects, and non perishable foods. We do not transport people to and from any location
  • What does the return item service do?
    The return item service should be used by anyone who needs to return an item that was ordered online but does not have time to bring it to a fulfillment center. Simply select the item return service and select the fulfillment center closest to you that you would like your driver to bring it to
  • What does the door to door delivery service do?
    The door to door delivery service is to be used to pick up or drop off any household goods, which can go from golf clubs to clothes that need to be dry cleaned, to one of multiple locations of your greatest desire. To use it, simply schedule a door to door delivery, take a photo of item(s) that need to be dropped off, add your pick up location and drop off location(s) and the driver will do the rest.
  • How far in advance can I place my wish/what is the delivery window?
    Wishes can be placed up to 7 days prior to delivery designated by the Master, at check out. Wishes can be scheduled for delivery in as little as one hour or within the next 4 hours.
  • Where does Box Jeannie deliver?
    Box Jeannie will be delivering to addresses within a 20-45 mile radius around your pickup location. If you want to make a special request to drop off an item outside of our respected range please contact our Box Jeannie Information team on our website or email us at
  • What is a Gin Master?
    Gin Master is a driver who has had a business or household download Box Jeannie by using their referral code.The referral code allows Box Jeannie to track the Gin Master’s route and provide a right to first refusal to the respective clients on the route. Think of it like a person who has a “license” with their own personal route, like a paper route. The Gin Master may have the right to receive compensation when/or if their route is sold. The Gin Master will receive a percent of the payment which will be determined by route size and how much people are willing to pay for the route.Generally, the Gin Master will receive a 1 time payment of 50% of the route licensing proceeds minus any expenses if applicable.
  • As a Gin Master, who do I talk to for when I want to sell my route?
    If you are interested in selling your route, please contact the Box Jeannie information team at
  • The box I want to get rid of had excess Styrofoam and small carboard cutouts to protect what was inside, could my Jeannie pick up those items?
    While our focus is recycling boxes, it all depends on the Jeannie you have granting your wish. Please inform your driver on if you have excess recyclable materials in the box and you both can decide on how to deal with the service details. You may want to tip the driver a bit more if there is extra material to recycle.
  • Does Box Jeannie pick up recyclables other than boxes?
    At the moment, no. but as the app progresses and we grow as a community, we expect to add many new and different features and services into our app in order to keep making your wishes come true!
  • Who would I contact if my recycling orders are too big for a car or SUV to keep up with every month?
    In a situation where you have too many boxes to handle, contact the Box Jeannie information team at, we can come up with a customized plan to fit your needs.
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